Concrete Cracking > Concrete Breaking > Former Olympic Logistics Centre, Chigwell

Client: P.J. Carey
Completion Date: October 2012
Contract: Breakout

Webfell Minerals were awarded the contract for the concrete breakout of the former Olympic Logistics Centre in Chigwell. Some 40,000mē of reinforced and unreinforced concrete slab and roadway, ranging from 150mm to 250mm in depth, were broken out.

Sometimes known as rubblising, this enables the slab to be easily excavated, loaded into dumptrucks, taken to a primary crusher and then crushed to make a fill material, which then can be re-used on site.

The work was carried out with one Guillotine Breaker, with a 2.4m blade weighing 5.75 tonnes. This method is fast, clean and cost effective.

The concentration of breaking effort and energy ensures that debonding of concrete from reinforcement occurs, enabling both mesh and bar reinforcements to be removed relatively cleanly from broken concrete. This method of breakout is far quicker and more economical than any conventional methods.

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