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Client: Derbyshire County Council
Completion Date: Work Ongoing from November 2008 to Present Date
Contract: Crack & Seat

Webfell Minerals were awarded the Crack & Seat works on the Derbyshire estate roads, where resurfacing works had to be carried out over a number of visits.

As at September 2013, 14 estate roads totalling 30,000mē underwent the Crack & Seat process. This is a technique were an existing concrete slab is cracked at controlled centres to create discrete mini-slabs. These slabs are then rolled with a 20 tonne pneumatic tyred roller to seat them into the existing granular base. This creates a sound foundation for a flexible overlay, preventing reflective cracking of the new surface.

This process at Derbyshire was carried out by the baby of the breaker family called the Whiphammer which, because of its size and manoeuvrability, was perfect for this type of work.

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