Concrete Cracking > Crack & Seat > A591 Kendal Bypass

Client: Aggregate Industries
Completion Date: May 2014
Contract: Crack & Seat

Partnering with Aggregate Industries, Webfell Minerals have recently completed the Crack & Seat works in two phases on the A591 Kendal Bypass. We started with Lane 1 & 2 Southbound in April 2014 and then completed in May 2014 with Lane 1 & 2 Northbound.

A total area of 20,000mē was treated by Webfell Minerals using a Guillotine Breaker, P.T.R roller and a coring rig. FWD testing and reporting was carried out before and after the treatment.

All the work was completed on time and over seen by an on-site Webfell Minerals Management Team, enabling reconstruction of the carriageway to be completed and re-opened within the scheduled time.

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