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All three Webfell Minerals Concrete Cracking machines can be used in the breaking of concrete slabs in preparation for lifting and crushing and are far quicker and more economical than any conventional methods.

Dependent upon the strike centres and the impact load applied breaking can vary from mini slabs suitable for primary crushing to “rubblising” to produce a material for screening and secondary crushing.

This method is fast, clean and cost effective.  The concentration of breaking effort and energy ensures that debonding of concrete from reinforcement occurs enabling both mesh and bar reinforcements to be removed cleanly from “rubblised” concrete.

Recent Concrete Breaking Schemes

If you require a project list to date, please contact Paul Kirk at

June/July 2014 - Sirius Remediation former Cotgrave Colliery, Nottingham

June 2014 - Sirius Remediation former Wellman Graham Works, Gloucester


Project Profiles:


Former Cotgrave Colliery, Nottingham

Client: Sirius Remediation
Completion Date: July 2014
Contract: Breakout more

Former Wellman Graham Works, Gloucester

Client: Sirius Remediation
Completion Date: June 2014
Contract: Breakout more

Former Fibrestar Drums, Disley

Client: ADM Regeneration Ltd
Completion Date: June 2013
Contract: Breakout more

Heathrow Airport

Client: Cappagh
Completion Date: May/June 2013
Contract: Breakout more

Former River Island, Milton Keynes

Client: Quick Down Demolition Ltd
Completion Date: May 2013
Contract: Breakout more

Former Thorpe Marsh Power Station, Doncaster

Client: Bloom Plant Ltd
Completion Date: March 2013
Contract: Breakout more

Former Olympic Logistics Centre, Chigwell

Client: P.J. Carey
Completion Date: October 2012
Contract: Breakout more

RAF Marham, Norfolk

Client: BAMM Nuttall
Completion Date: January 2011
Contract: Breakout, Taxiway more